Many of these testimonials are from 9 years working as an in-person Professional Organizer and Bookkeeper

“Jennifer is a consummate professional, and my business couldn’t function without her. The couple of hours she spends working with me every week ends up saving me a huge amount of time and headache, which ultimately makes my business more efficient and profitable. And she makes me laugh a lot, too.”

– John B., Santa Cruz, CA


” “TRUST” is the most important aspect when dealing with another individual and money. Jennifer, being most trustworthy, allows me to turn a project over to her and completely trust:

  • It will receive her immediate attention
  • All avenues of the project will be explored
  • Money issues will be exact
  • If problems do arise, they will be remedied promptly

Her contact with me is constant and I do not have to “chase” her to find out the current status of the project
My COMPLETE TRUST in Jennifer allows me peace of mind that a professional is in charge.”

– CJ, Santa Cruz, CA


“I’d recommend Jennifer because she can handle anything you throw at her with humor, no judgment, skill, patience and focus. She’s handled files, garages, drawers full of junk, insurance companies, etc. for me with no problems. Jennifer will help you to let go of those items you don’t need, organize those you wish to keep and pass on various skills in helping to keep things squared away.”

– Erik B, Santa Cruz, CA


“Jennifer helped me when I had some troubles and couldn’t stay on top of things anymore. She is professional and courteous. I especially like the way she came in and was not judgmental or critical, nor was she overboard like a cheerleader, she just helped me get my home back together again. She knows her business. She works really well independently, without me having to handhold, which is a big plus.”

– Mary, Aptos, CA


“Working with you goes beyond the time we spend together as client and teacher-because you do
teach life awareness techniques and established methods of organizing and understanding. It’s
cheaper than therapy and it actually works!”

— Laura, Aptos, CA


“Jennifer is a serious counterforce to procrastination. If you are stalled, call Jennifer for a jump-start.”

– RS, Aptos, CA


“I found Jennifer to be fun, full of great ideas, thorough, able to set a pace and maintain it, able to keep me focused, willing to nudge my resistance when I stalled. very prompt – which is a big deal to me, flexible with her schedule, and a joy to be around. As I was finishing areas of work, she would put like things together so they were organized even though we didn’t have a home for them yet. She was willing to go at my pace, when I got moving. She was completely approachable, and was not condescending or judgmental of what things I had “collected”. Very fun to work with!!!”

-Barb J., Santa Clara, CA


“To have someone know what sort of organizing that will help you personally makes a big difference. To have someone there who is a hard worker and just does the tasks and almost knows what those are before you do instead of hiring someone that says ” now what do you want me to do?” If I knew the answer I wouldn’t have hired someone!”

-Lorri S, Santa Cruz, CA


“She’s like Martha Stewart and MacGyver, all rolled into one!”

– Stephen F, Santa Cruz, CA


“The job at hand was organizing and sorting through 40 years’ worth of accumulated stuff in a suburban garage. Jennifer accurately estimated the time it would take to do the whole job, and it was less time than our estimate. However, she was right, and her experience showed through in many other ways.

It took only 3 appointments for Jennifer to scrutinize, categorize, organize and label everything which had previously been flung to far corners of the garage. She was dedicated, focused and took a no-nonsense approach to cleaning and organizing. At the same time, she showed patience and respect for the items in the garage, as they all held sentimental value. Ultimately, the right items were saved, stored and labeled, and the other items were either recycled, donated, or hauled away.

We are very grateful to Jennifer for her attitude, abilities, and personality. She made a hard job easy, and even a bit fun. Jennifer has our wholehearted recommendation.”

-Sherman & Diane, Los Gatos, CA